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Policies & Procedures (Rules and Regulations)

TriPar Estates By-Laws-2-17-2017 Amended.pdf3.1 Board Organization 08-18-2020.pdf3.2.1 Job Desc Chair 08-18-2020.pdf3.2.2 Job Desc First Vice Chair 08-18-2020.pdf3.2.3 Job Desc. Second Vice Chair 4-20-21.pdf3.2.4 Job Desc. Treasurer 4-20-21.pdf3.2.5 Job Desc. Secretary 4-20-21.pdf3.2.6 Security 2015.pdf3.2.7 Audio Video TV Cameras 2015.pdf3.2.8 Buildings & Grounds 2015.pdf3.2.9 Roads & Drainage 6-16-15.pdf3.2.10 Storage Lot 6-16-15.pdf3.2.11 Deed Restrictions 6-16-15.pdf3.2.12 Building Permits 6-16-15.pdf3.2.13 Financial Planning 6-16-15.pdf3.2.14 Recreation 6-16-15.pdf3.2.15 Insurance 6-16-15.pdf3.2.16 Policy Proc 6-16-15.pdf3.2.17 Website 6-16-15.pdf3.3.1 Job Desc. Park Manager 1-3-17.pdf3.3.2.1 Job Desc. Office Assistant 1-3-17.pdf3.3.3 Job Desc. Maintenance Mgr 6-16-15.pdf3.3.4 Lock-Up & Night Closing Job Desc 09-2020.pdf4.0 General Insurance 01-03-17.pdf4.1 Work Related Injury 01-03-17.pdf4.2 Personnel Policies, 01-03-17.pdf4.3 Employment of relatives 01-03-17.pdf4.4 Occupancy for Employees 04-02-19.pdf4.4 Occupancy for Employees 04-02-19.pdf5.01 Categories of residents with Caregiver 2015.pdf5.02 Background checks-9-21-2021.pdf5.03 Guest Use of Facilities-10-19-21.pdf5.04 Age Limitation 10-19-21.pdf5.05 Pool Spa Deck Patio - 10-17-23.pdf5.06 Pool and Spa Heating 10-17-23.pdf5.07 Keyless Security System (Fobs) 2018.pdf5.08 Fob revocation 2015.pdf5.09 Copy and Fax 10-20-15.pdf5.10 Parking 2015.pdf5.11 Vehicle Storage Lot 2015.pdf5.12 Recreation and Social 04-02-19.pdf5.13 Bingo 04-02-19.pdf5.14 Building Use Regulations -10-17-2023.pdf5.15 Library 04-02-19.pdf5.16 Bullletin Boards 04-02-19.pdf5.17 Laundry 10-19-21.pdf5.18 Shuffleboard 2017.pdf5.19 Miniature Golf 10-20-15.pdf5.20 Horseshoe Courts 10-20-15.pdf5.21 Pets Emotional Support and Service Animals.pdf5.22 Office Procedure for Trustees 2015.pdf5.23 Trustee Vacancies 2015.pdf5.24 Building Permits 2015.pdf5.25 Carports 2015.pdf5.26 Purchasing and Payments 8-18-20.pdf5.27 Inventory Control 2015.pdf5.28 Invoices and Warranties for Capital Assets 2015.pdf5.29 Workshop Agenda 2015.pdf5.30 Workshop Minutes-Ref to 5.32 2017.pdf5.31 Board Meeting Agenda 2015.pdf5.32 Minutes 01-03-2017.pdf5.33 Violations of Deed Restrictions 10-2020.pdf5.34 Fine Levying-Suspensions 10-2020.pdf5.34.1 Fine Schedule approved 10-2020.pdf5.35 Lien Processing 10-2020.pdf5.36 Newsletter 2015.pdf5.37 News Channel on CCTV 2015.pdf5.38 Television System 2015.pdf5.39 Television Cost Refunds 10-20-15.pdf5.40 Memorials 2015.pdf5.41 Signs and Advertising 1-17-23.pdf5.42 Utility Service Interruptions 2015.pdf5.43 Workplace Safety Program 2015.pdf5.44 Annual Budgeting Process 2017.pdf5.45 Facilities Expansion 2015.pdf5.46 Lending Equipment 2015.pdf5.47 Medical Equipment Lending 2015.pdf5.48 Soliciting in Tri-Par 2019.pdf5.49 Political Campaigning 2-16-2021.pdf5.50 Flag Poles 2015.pdf5.51 Antenna Guidelines 2015.pdf5.52 Flea Market & Scap Metal Collection-2-20-2024.pdf6.1 Clubs Within Tri-Par 04-02-2019.pdf