Legal Name:  Tri-Par Estates Park and Recreation District

Purpose:  To provide a deed restricted community of Manufactured Homes for persons age 55 and older.


Governing Body:  See page on this website listing the Board of Trustees.  Trustees are elected by the registered voters in the District at Sarasota County elections.  Vacancies that occur are filled by appointment by the Board of Trustees.  Terms begin and end on the first Tuesday of April.


Fiscal Year:  October 1 through September 30


Charter:  Effective July 13, 1978, all of the residential land in Tri-Par Estates Subdivisions, Sarasota County became and was incorporated into and as a park and recreation district, being an independent special taxing district, and a political subdivision of the State of Florida.  The full text of House Bill 1857 providing the charter is available at a link on this website.


Address:  The offices of the District are located at 1616 Presidio St, Sarasota, FL  34234.  Contact information is included on a separate page on this website.


Services:  Services provided to residents of the District include cable television and use of common facilities that include a pool, spa, clubhouse, recreation hall, exercise room, laundry, shuffleboard, horseshoes and miniature golf.


Budget & Taxes:  An annual budget is approved by the Trustees at a public hearing.  This budget includes an annual assessment for each lot, which is collected by the Sarasota County Tax Collector along with county taxes. The budget is included on a separate page on this website.  The most recently completed annual audit is available at a link from this website


Deed Restrictions:  The full text of deed restrictions is available at a link on this website.


Approval for Occupancy:  All potential owners, renters and visitors in excess of 30 days must complete an application at the District office, and authorize a background check.  Approval by the Board of Trustees is required prior to occupancy.


Pets:  Are permitted in designated areas only.